CBD Facts & More Facts
“Hey man, ya’ll got any of that CBD, man? I’m trying to get high man!” That wasn’t meant to be a catchy intro into our blog post. That was an actual statement from a customer walking into our little vape shop. You should have seen the disappointment on her young face as I assured her that none of the CBD in my shop or in life would in fact “get her high.” But no! She exclaimed! My friend has this CBD that gets you F’d up!!! No ma’am I said to her, your friend has a blended by product with a hint of CBD if any. Kinda like “white truffle oil” from the grocery store. Sorry homie, at best all you’ve got is some olive oil with a little truffle extract. But who am I to stop you from drizzling it all over your tater tots and calling yourself fancy.
With all of the recent positive media coverage of CBD and the release of long term study information. You would think everyone in US would know what this little marijuana kissing cousin was all about. Well you would be wrong Terry, like real wrong. Like wearing a white tube top after labor day wrong. The misinformation being spewed out by facebook scholars is phenomenal. Try and ask your family Dr about the plant and see if the pharmacy lawyers don’t send your mouth a cease and desist order. I really can’t blame the local PD on not being trained on what CBD is. But I also don’t blame really racist people for being raised really racist.
So lets talk about what CBD is and isn’t. And we might as well address the question “will this pop my pee test?’ No. “But my momma said.” Shhhh, you and I both know that your moms is trippin. CBD extracted from industrialized hemp (which is legal in all 50 states) will NOT test positive for THC (that’s the fun compound in pot that makes you eat up all the hog maws.) The bummer is even if you’re a motivated individual, you couldn’t roll, smoke, eat, drink enough or whatever you do on a Saturday to get “high” from CBD. The not so bummer news is, if you’re like the Houston Texans offense and you just need a little healing in your life, this may be the option for you. But for what you say? What could this “miracle” plant do for me? Well I can’t tell you what it can do for you. But I can say that thousands of documented cases have had amazing positive results with CBD. From pain to PTSD (that’s me) to anxiety or sleep apnea. People across the world are experiencing non-habit forming relief.
But why? Why does this work? Will it work for me? I have an ulcer, will it help that? My Ex ran out on me, will he come back? Dang, slow down Tina, let me answer your first question and then we’ll move onto your personal life. CBD (cannabidiol) comes from one of the over 400 compounds found in the Marijuana or Hemp plant. It gets real sciencey from there but the CBD compound reacts with our brain's own natural receptors (because we have thumbs and we are awesome.) Wait, CBD affects my brain? Like David Blaine? Even less trippy than David Blaine Susan, and CBD is NOT psychoactive. No munchies or giggle fits here. Just good old fashioned medicinal relief. I called Bill Nye the science guy and after he politely asked for me to never call his house again. I was told that scientist around the world are still trying to explain why the human brain responds to these compounds in the way they do. So um yeah, then how do we know it is helping? We know because we live in the future. People are posting online, talking to their Dr’s, friends and family. 70% of the country realizes that their parents were lied to and that they shared the lie with their children. Humans are sharing their stories of personal fear, sadness and drug abuse. Topics like mom’s meatloaf. We may not want to talk about it but sharing helps the world go around. We are tired of being pimped by the opiate pill pushers of our copay.
My name is Alex Rangel, I ask you to do your own research and live for one less pill in your life. Love your neighbor and try having a phone free meal as a fam from time to time. Much love.
November 14, 2018 by Alex Rangel

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