Piranha 14" Glass Beaker - Jade

$ 80.00

Brand Piranha

The glass beaker base of this water pipe created by Piranha enhances filtration and allows for the smoke to cool before inhalation. This borosilicate glass beaker comes with a down stem featuring a built-in percolator and includes a bowl piece compatible with dry herb. This water pipe also features an ice pinch with small points to catch and hold ice cubes, which is a must-have for those who enjoy extra-cool rips.

Features and specs.

  • 14" Beaker
  • Designed for flower
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Downstem percolator
  • Ice pinch
  • Male Downstem: 19mm (In either clear or jade color)
  • Joint size: 14mm female
  • Bowl size: 14mm male

What's in the box.

  • 1x - Piranha 14" Glass Beaker
  • 1x - Flower bowl

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